Baxter Village, Fort Mill, South Carolina

Baxter Village is the first of several planned mixed-use villages to be built adjacent to 2,300 acres of a nature preserve that connects each village. UDA prepared the Baxter Pattern Book and worked with the development team to produce a master plan for the town center. UDA was also commissioned to design the initial Main Street commercial buildings, the Baxter Community Center, and townhouses fronting Baxter Square. The village character is based on UDA’s research of regional historic towns such as Chester and York. The design and layout of streets, blocks and civic spaces are designed to create interesting pedestrian connections to the surrounding neighborhoods and the village center. Keys to success include the location of an elementary school, library and YMCA adjacent to 100,000 square feet of retail and office uses in the heart of the village. Trail systems and walkways connect the village center to the surrounding neighborhoods that have 1,350 residential units and a 2,300 acre greenway.