Cincinnati Riverfront, Ohio

 A new mixed-use district anchored by two new sports stadiums

The UDA Master Plan, entitled The Banks,  set the location and urban design metrics for two stadiums, the reconstruction of Fort Washington Way, the new Riverfront Transit Center, and cultural amenities such as the Freedom Center. Phase 1 of The Banks, a new mixed use district, will add to the vibrancy of the riverfront. Construction of the project has or will generate 3,600 construction jobs and $600 million in economic activity. The ongoing effects of the project will annually be associated with approximately 2,400 jobs and $275 million in economic activity. The private-public partnerships that were formed to develop infrastructure, in addition to the previous ten-years of riverfront construction that preceded this development, have been a critical component of The Banks development. Together, these public and private investments in construction and the ongoing operations of businesses are projected to produce $3 billion of economic impact for the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.