Ellon Pattern Book, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

New model for future expansion of historic Scottish Towns

UDA, in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, conducted an Enquiry by Design process to study the expansion of Ellon. This public participatory process produced a plan which calls for both restoring the historic core of Ellon and the building new neighborhoods as extensions of the town which will support the existing town. The physical form and character of the new areas will draw lessons from the great traditions of Scottish Town Building, especially those of Aberdeenshire. The master plan focuses on three areas. First is the Cromleybank Site, which is a new mixed-use development that creates an extension of the town; the second is Castle Meadow, a residential development that links the now isolated Knockothie community to the Historic Core; and the Historic Core will be enhanced through introduction of new infill and restoration of existing historic buildings.