Protecting a Historic Valley from Unsympathetic Development

UDA and Design Workshop, Inc. teamed up to produce the Homestead Preserve, a master plan and pattern book for an intensive preservation of 10,000 of an 11,000-acre valley in the Highlands of Virginia. As one of the most scenic valleys in Virginia, the remarkable character of this historic area was unprotected amidst growing interest in development, which created a sensitivity to preserving these qualities in both the planning and architecture. While the team's master plan designated key locations for planning, the pattern book proposed architectural guidelines for a development quality – serving as a valuable resource for homeowners, architects and builders to design and build houses in a way that reinforces the sense of history, respects the landscape and contributes to the quality of environment. UDA also provided architectural services for the development of civic buildings, which led to a Palladio Award for the preservation of a historic dairy barn that serves as a new center for the community.