Ludhiana Township

Restoring City-Building Patterns to the Indian Market

By and large, new projects in India tend to be private, gated, and single-income without public space. UDA’s Master Plan, pattern book, and architecture work in the Ludhiana Township of Punjab, India was an opportunity to demonstrate a new model for Indian development. The goal of the project was to develop a design process, precedents and placemaking goals for a new Master Plan and design guidelines for moving forward – all of which manifested in Ludhiana Township’s emergence as a newly-designed integrated urban center with residential precincts, commercial services, and institutional, health care, and entertainment facilities. Furthermore, a network of neighborhood parks, a central lake and tree-lined streets created inviting outdoor spaces, and the design of integrated water and energy systems resulted in a fully sustainable community that is unique to this market. UDA’s pattern book assures that forthcoming development will continue to preserve the forward-thinking vision of this one-of-a-kind community.