Louisiana Speaks: Pattern Book, Louisiana Region

In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, urgent need exists to rebuild vast numbers of houses and buildings and to do so with a speed not possible using only traditional construction techniques. The challenge is to make sure that rebuilding is achieved in the best possible way — Safer, Stronger, and Smarter — in keeping with the motto of the Louisiana Recovery Authority’s Louisiana Speaks program. The Louisiana Speaks Pattern Book has been created to provide both guidance and tools for the builders who will take on that task.

In addition to the Pattern Book, UDA, together with the non-profit Center for Planning Excellence and the Louisiana Recovery Authority, created design guidelines to ensure that so that whatever area of expertise or scope of professional responsibilities, this Planning Toolkit will support the planning and rebuilding process and help understand the relationship between particular roles and the overall challenges and opportunities to rebuild South Louisiana.

Virtually anyone engaged or interested in the process of planning in South Louisiana will find information of value in this Toolkit. From overall concepts to specific, hands-on approaches, processes, techniques, and models, the Toolkit will be of benefit to its users.