Moscow Expansion, Russia

UDA-led team designs the New Federal District for Moscow

Capital Cities Planning Group was selected as one of ten international planning teams to assist in the master plan for the expansion of Moscow and the redevelopment of the historic core of the city. The Russian Federation and the City of Moscow conducted an international competition for planning and design firms to work with planners in Moscow to forge a refined vision for how the city will grow over the next decade. Moscow is expected to expand from a current land area of about 264,000 acres to over 620,000 acres with projected urbanization occurring to the southwest of the city where very little urbanization has occurred. The planners have envisioned a major initiative to relocate both residential population and government offices into the annexed region as a way to alleviate pressure on infrastructure and the historic core of the city. Capital Cities Planning Group was selected by an international jury as the winner of the design for the new Federal District.