Paul B. Ostergaard, FAIA, AOU
Executive Vice President

Paul has dedicated his career to the revitalization of cities. His work has helped elevate the role of urban design in the profession of architecture and in the halls of government. Over the course of his career, Paul has helped his clients create mixed-income urban neighborhoods; reconnect downtowns to their waterfronts; prepare existing cities for new transit infrastructure; provide cities with tools necessary to create unique urban places; and guide the transformation and growth of US and international cities. All of his projects have a solid foundation in urban design principles and values, remarkably consistent from one project to the next, but with a wide diversity of place-based design responses.

Paul believes a city can be best understood by working with its citizens. In collaboration with his partners, Paul co-authored articles and textbooks that concentrate not on the work of the firm but on the urban design process so that others can learn how to design collaboratively at the scale of the neighborhood, the district, and the city.

Paul is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and former president of the Pittsburgh Chapter, a member of the Academy of Urbanism based in the UK, and a full member of the Urban Land Institute. Paul is a member of the Congress of the New Urbanism and the International Downtown Association, participating as a speaker at many conferences. Paul holds an NCARB Certificate and is a registered architect in Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Maryland.