Pattern Books & Form-Based Codes

Around the world, institutions, cities, developers, and builders are using tools to create opportunities for investment in high-quality environments. These tools are used to preserve and enhance the character of existing neighborhoods or to create new places. Our Pattern Books and Codes assist clients in gaining broad support for new development and community involvement. 

Urban Design Associates has been developing planning tools for decades, in the form of two basic documents: Pattern Books and Form-Based Codes. Our documents are designed to be easy-to-use by designers, officials, and stakeholders.  Regulations in the documents can be quite detailed and highly specific or very general, depending on client needs and local opportunities. Our documents can cover a broad range of topics, including urban design, architecture, landscape, signage, and sustainability.

Our Focus
A deep appreciation of local patterns and traditions is embedded in our work, wherever it may be. The spirit of a place, either in a direct or indirect manner, is the foundation of our documents as people look toward the future.