Urban design + Planning 

By placing a premium on listening and engaging at every step of our process, we can solidify locally-inspired visions and craft REAL design solutions that communities can rally around, stakeholders can own, and developers can realize. Bolstered by a bandwagon of support, local design teams then follow with creative decisions that both honor and celebrate the area’s authentic personality and diversity.
Our studio remains on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving urban design and planning world, allowing us to provide sustainable patterns and frameworks that are flexible for the needs of your city and its economic and social vitality.


First Ward 


charlotte, north carolina

UDA South of Broadway Strategic Master Plan

South of Broadway 

nashville, tennessee

UDA Cincinnati Riverfront Master Plan

Cincinnati Riverfront 


Cincinnati, Ohio

Westlake and Denny

South Lake Union

Seattle, Washington

UDA West Don Lands Precinct Plan and Block Plan

West Don Lands 

Toronto, Canada