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Urban design + Planning 

The time-tested UDA process has generated countless groundbreaking designs, time and time again. But what good is a process if it doesn’t ultimately lead to a fully-realized place? That’s why we also excel at helping you execute on the vision – as well as springing any traps that might be keeping your development from moving forward – by providing master plans and phasing plans for successfully following through with rebuilding, or building anew. Our studio remains on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving urban design and planning world, allowing us to provide sustainable master plans that are flexible for the needs of your city and its economic and social vitality.

A key part of our process-to-place methodology involves consciously setting the stage for local landscape architects and architects to do their best work – teeing them up for success in acting on (and building upon) the vision and master plan that we provide. In this way, the collaboration can continue on well after the right vision is discovered, and communities can play an active and ongoing role in creating their ideal places.


First Ward 


charlotte, north carolina

UDA South of Broadway Strategic Master Plan

South of Broadway 

nashville, tennessee

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Cincinnati Riverfront 


Cincinnati, Ohio

Westlake and Denny

South Lake Union

Seattle, Washington

 PO's WDL ULI Visit 2017

West Don Lands 

Toronto, Canada