Sego Homes Townhouses
at Daybreak 

Bringing Affordable Design Diversity to Production Home Building

Architect-led design can be costly, making it cost-prohibitive for production home builders. UDA had another idea. As part of our continued services within Daybreak, UDA provided architectural services to Sego Homes for a new product line of townhouses – including five alternate unit plans, each with multiple elevations to create a “toolkit” of affordable designs for use on sites within Daybreak. UDA’s work has been applied to six alternative phases following a site planning effort. These efforts are also being facilitated by UDA, including coordination between the master developer, Kennecott and Sego Homes to create a collaborative community vision, as well as products that are easy to construct. Now, the community can boast a distinct visual identity and true diversity in its built product, delivered at typical production costs. Through UDA’s conceptual, schematic design, and design development services, the placemaking efforts at Daybreak have remained consistent with the master developer’s needs.