Baxter Springmaid Building, Fort Mill, South Carolina

UDA designed the mixed-use Springmaid Building to follow the pattern of the historic downtowns and business districts of the South Carolina Upcountry region. The Building anchors the street as an assembly of buildings and individual shopfronts built over time, while providing 35,000 sf in a mix of two- and three-story massing.

Because the building is speculative, it is easily divisible to meet the needs of a wide variety of tenant types and sizes while still creating a destination address that will attract tenants and customers. The building has a primarily stucco, brick, and painted brick exterior that enhances individual expression for the shops and adds diversity to the palette. Parking is provided on-street and behind the building, screened from public view by the two end pavilions.

The Springmaid Building has catalyzed an active, mixed-use district that is recognized as the center of the community.