UDA Team Selected as Winner in the Design Competition for the New Federal District in Moscow

The UDA team's winning design for the Federal District included a dual strategy for the urban development approach that links regeneration of under-utilized land in the existing city, Old Moscow, with the expansion of new infrastructure to service the new Federal Center and adjacent districts in the New Moscow.

The City of Moscow conducted a nine month International design competition with ten teams participating in the development of strategies and designs for the metropolitan region, the city and the new Federal District. The design brief called for new transportation systems, a financial center, a research and development district and a university district as the anchor uses in the new expansion area.

The character of the new city expansion area builds on the inherited urban spaces, parks, block types and scale of buildings found in the most successful places within Old Moscow. Larry Beasley of Beasley Associates, located in Vancouver, proposed a series of potential development and administrative tools to facilitate public/private initiatives throughout the city.The proposed physical form for New Moscow builds on the natural system of waterways, lakes, forests and meadows as the foundation for a green infrastructure network.

For more information, visit Capital Cities Planning Group.

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