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Nashville: The Resilient City

Nashville has become one of the United States’ most dynamic economies, driving growth back into its core neighborhoods. In 2010, the city also showcased its resilience by bouncing back from a severe flood that impacted many parts of the downtown. The city’s growth and post-flood rebuilding gave the City an opportunity to craft a downtown plan with a multi-disciplinary team (1) led by Urban Design Associates. The outcome is envisioned to be a better version of what the city is today: more vibrant, connected, green, dense, attractive, fun, quirky, pedestrian-friendly, and mixed-use. It will be a place that is welcoming to both citizens and visitors. It will be authentically Nashville.



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Vision Plan for Tampa's New Waterfront District

The development company, Strategic Property Partners, LLC (SPP) unveiled their Vision Plan for Tampa's New Waterfront District to an audience of over 400 guests and members of the press at the Waterside Marriott. Prepared for SPP by a design team led by Urban Design Associates (UDA), the new district will include a new USF health campus, new residential, offices, retail, restaurants, hotels, and an expanded waterfront park. Jeff Vinik, owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning hosted the event that included presentations by the mayor and members of the development team.

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From Pop Up to Stand Up: Growing a Creative Economy

As residents, businesses, and startups re-enter urban neighborhoods, a thriving and creative economy is returning to our towns and cities. In neighborhoods where this transformation is taking place, a dynamic environment emerges with a rich combination of leaders, studio arts, food, technology, craftsmanship, light manufacturing, and performance spaces. Innovative regulation, mix-of-uses, and bottom-up development form a culture of constant tinkering. This has become critical to attracting and retaining talent in cities such as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chattanooga, Salt Lake City, Omaha, Nashville, and Norfolk.

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