Better Housing Coalition


Richmond, Virginia 

The Better Housing Coalition in Richmond is a Community Development Corporation dedicated to strategic investments in urban neighborhoods that are under-performing. This remarkable non-profit organization focuses on improving the quality of environment and access to services for residents and businesses in the context of neighborhood-generated visions and aspirations. For over 25 years, BHC has worked tirelessly within city neighborhoods to incrementally implement neighborhood improvements, such as housing for seniors, lower income families and first time buyers.

Through a diverse approach to neighborhood building, BHC ties together service organizations, city initiatives and local resources within the public and private sectors to implement long-term regeneration efforts. In the Church Hill community alone, BHC has directed over $12 million in investment to renovate existing houses and build new houses and townhouses including 105 single-family houses, 28 apartments and 17 townhouses from 1998 to 2012.

This has resulted in an increase in property values of over 432% and a decrease in crime of over 45% within the neighborhood. The most recent regeneration effort is the adaptive reuse of a historic millwork shop and property in the center of Church Hill into a dynamic residential loft targeted to young professionals as a way to diversify the appeal to the broader Richmond market. You can learn more about them by linking to