Urban Design + GuidElines  

Sometimes, a well-defined master plan is not enough.  Once we undergo our core “listening, testing, and deciding” process to birth an exciting vision, there’s a fourth, equally vital step: Integration. To that end, UDA leads the way in developing easy-to-use design tools that can coalesce a vision and further its support to a Master Plan.

Our standard-setting Pattern Books and Form-Based Codes play a key role in helping clients bring their plans to vibrant life, in ways that show true fidelity to the vision. They can address a broad range of topics, including urban design, architecture, landscape, signage, sustainability, and more. These guidelines are designed to be as flexible or stringent as needed, but always with a keen eye for creating a great environment that works for people. In short, we’ll create the language that allows everyone – designers, officials, stakeholders, and everyone in between – to understand, own, and fully realize your community’s vision for generations to come.


Day Break Pattern Book


South Jordan, Utah

Louisiana Speaks: Pattern Book and Toolkit

louisiana region


Ludhiana Township

Ludhiana, India


Oceanfront Form District

Virginia Beach, Virginia



Aberdeenshire, Scotland



calgary, alberta, canada

UDA Celebration Pattern Book


Celebration, Florida

EB 25th Bay east side.jpg

East beach

Norfolk, Virginia

Downtown Norfolk

Norfolk, Virginia

2222FrontageNeighborhood - Aerial18m.jpg

Jubail zoning Design Parameters

Jubail, saudi arabia