meet the studio 

At UDA, we’re one team with a collective passion for revitalizing cities. We’re all about creating vibrant public spaces and exceptional places for people of all walks of life to live, work, and play. Not only is our craft rooted in the traditions of hand-drawing and illustration – we have yet to discover a more powerful way to begin bringing visions to life – but we’re also committed to allowing local traditions to guide the design and development of reimagined communities. We believe deeply in the interaction and connection of architecture to the creation of public space, and you’ll often find us shaping policy to further improve the urban condition for everyone.

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Gail Armstrong, Principal and Controller

As Controller, Gail oversees all of UDA’s financial and human resource functions. She has also been Vice President of the Society of Design Administrators since 2004. Gail’s financial and administrative expertise make her exceptionally valuable as UDA’s first non-architect Principal.

Education: B.A., Business Communication, Carlow University


Steve Auterman, AIA, AICP, LEED AP, Principal

As a new Principal, Steve leads projects as a Principal-in-Charge, as well as leads team efforts. Steve’s passion is for the thoughtful connection of architecture and active public space. He’s a frequent lecturer at leadership classes and conferences, and taught architecture and planning at the University of Memphis. 

Education: B.Arch., Carnegie Mellon University, M.U.D., University of Sydney



Patrick Brunner, project manager

Patrick is dedicated to designing cities that are beautiful, diverse, and timeless.  He has worked for Cooper Robertson in New York City and with Mike Watkins in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His experience includes master plans, design guidelines, design review, and he has participated in several urban design charrettes. He is an accredited member of the Congress for the New Urbanism, a previous Seaside Prize speaker, and is currently working toward AICP licensure.

Education: B.Arch., University of Notre Dame



David Csont, ASAI, Principal and Chief Illustrator

As the firm’s Chief Illustrator, David leads our illustration efforts in both digital and hand-drawn media. David’s passion is in drawing itself, but specifically in the challenge of expression and communication of the unique feel of a place. David also participates in national plein-air competitions and leads in-house seminars on hand drawing.

Education: B.S.(Design and Art History), SUNY Buffalo; M.F.A., with honors, University of Wisconsin



Ling hong, LEED Green Associate, project manager


Ling is a senior team member on one of UDA’s design teams. She cares about how design, policy, environmental, and economics impact the form of our cities and neighborhoods. Ling is currently working towards AICP Licensure and LEED AP Accreditation. Outside of work, she enjoys volunteering for the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.

Education: B.Arch., University of Miami, M.U.D., Carnegie Mellon University



Barry J. Long, Jr. AIA,LEED AP, managing principal

Barry serves as the firm’s CEO, overseeing the day-to-day and year-to-year operations of our finance and personnel functions. Barry has led projects across the United States in affordable, market rate housing as well as overall master plans for major downtown areas. As a community volunteer, he’s donated countless hours to several local commission and youth organizations. 

Education: B.S.(Arch.), M.Arch., Montana State University


Nika Mirrafie, Urban Designer

Nika is in her second year of the UDA Fellowship program and serves on one of UDA’s Design Teams. Nika’s passion lies in painting and the representation of places. Prior to joining UDA, Nika has worked with the Salt Lake City Department of Transportation and Perkins & Will. She has a short commute to work as one of Pittsburgh’s downtown residents. 

Education: B.S.,(Urban Planning), University of Utah, M.Arch., University of Miami



Bethanie Martin, Urban Designer

Bethanie is in her first year of the UDA Fellowship program and serves on one of UDA’s Design Teams. Bethanie’s passion is in the intersection of architecture, urban design, and social justice, with a specific focus on community engagement and local involvement during the design process. Before joining UDA, Bethanie participated in a Humanity in Action fellowship in Warsaw, Poland. She is currently pursuing accreditation in architecture. 

Education: Bach.Art (Arch), Magna Cum Laude, Ball State University, M.Arch. and M.U.D., with distinction, Lawrence Technological University



Cara O’Brien, Urban Designer

Cara is in her second year of the UDA Fellowship program and serves on one of UDA’s Design Teams. Cara’s passion is in the connection of city design and human health. She studied abroad in Rome as an undergraduate, and she’s currently pursuing accreditation in Planning.

Education: B.Arch., University of Notre Dame



Megan O’Hara, AICP, LEED AP bd+c, 


As a new Principal, Megan leads projects as a Principal-in-Charge, as well as team design efforts. Megan’s passion is in promoting urban environments that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. She has worked on a wide range of projects across the USA and Canada, and she’s an active member of the American Planning Association.

Education: B.Arch., University of Notre Dame, M.S.U.D., with honors, University of Oxford



Paul Ostergaard FAIA, AoU, NCARB, 

managing principal

Paul is one of our firm’s Senior Managing Principals. In this role, Paul has led projects across the country and around the world.  For his extensive design resume, he was recognized as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. As an acclaimed illustrator, Paul led UDA’s early commitment to 3D renderings as part of the urban design process.

Education: B.Arch., Carnegie Mellon University



Eric Osth, AIA, LEED AP, Managing Principal

As UDA’s Vice Chairman, Eric works with UDA’s marketing efforts in addition to running projects as a Principal-in-Charge. Eric has led urban design and architectural projects across the United States. Eric has been deeply involved in the local design community, serving as the 2011 President of the AIA Pittsburgh and a Board Member for Riverlife.

Education: B.Arch., University of Miami, with honors, M.U.D., University of California, Berkeley



Susann Reimann, Graphic Designer


Susann handles the strategic direction and implementation of UDA’s brand and graphic identity. She has a genuine passion for thoughtful, clean design. Susann collaborates with UDA’s design teams, and manages the firm’s graphic deliverables. 

Education: B.S.(Graphic Design), Art Institute of Pittsburgh


Rob Robinson, AIA, managing principal