Urban Design & Planning

We design, regenerate, and conserve cities, towns, and neighborhoods so that communities can reach their full potential. Since our beginnings in 1964, when cities were being abandoned and "urban" was a pejorative term, Urban Design Associates has been inspired by the economic, social, and cultural opportunities present in urban life. Embedded in our work is a deep appreciation for local traditions and character and how these qualities can be a bridge to a prosperous future. UDA works at all scales of cities and towns, from the layout of a building or a small collection of buildings, to the design of entire new cities.

Our Process
Our 'mobile office' travels to you. Our collaborative workshops build consensus and broad public support.  The pioneering, time-tested, collaborative process that we facilitate has become a standard of the urban design profession.  

Our Focus
We bring planning and design together to solve tough problems. Quantitive and qualitative information is combined to develop solutions. Our practice is centered around the opportunities of urban regeneration, new towns and urban districts, and conservation of high-quality places.