What we do


We Work Collaboratively

Our name, Urban Design Associates, implies our collaborative process.  Our work is based on clear communication and consensus building; rigorous analysis; testing; and coordination to reach viable, creative solutions in challenging contexts.  We build on the unique character and positive qualities of each place in which we are privileged to work.  By working at many scales, we find ways to coordinate the design of individual buildings, public spaces, neighborhoods, towns, and cities; encompassing the regional culture they celebrate into a viable urban tapestry.   

We Solve Problems

Our 'portable office' travels to you.  We orchestrate collaborative workshops to develop common goals, solve problems, and allow you to move forward with confidence.  Our tools and services support this collaborative process; we combine time-tested skills and techniques, such as highly illustrative drawings, with new technology like GIS and 3D computer modeling.  We have consistently set industry standards for the practice of Urban Design around the world.

We Use Design to Build Consensus

We use design as a tool to reach solutions and build consensus.  In our fifty-year history, we have been well recognized for a high-quality of design and project execution.  We have received nearly 100 national and international awards for our design and dedication to the profession of building cities, towns, and neighborhoods.   


We Improve Performance

We work with private developers, public agencies, and non-profit organizations where there are opportunities to maximize performance and opportunities. In the case of public agencies, our process improves communications between departments, elected officials, and constituents.  In the case of private developers and institutions, our services focus on using resources effectively, and building equity for the future.  




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In addition to our three basic services, UDA combines our knowledge of the subjects to assist our clients in the following ways:

Urban Catalysts

Design Management

Strategic Consulting