Photo © Harry Connolly  Link to Article from Traditional Building Magazine - Building community post Hurricane Katrina.

Photo © Harry Connolly

 Link to Article from Traditional Building MagazineBuilding community post Hurricane Katrina.

Why it matters

Our goal is to create beautiful places with lasting value for the communities they serve. We are passionate about developing design solutions based on local input because truly local solutions will be environmentally and culturally sustainable. We recognize that every project is unique and no two solutions are the same.  

Building consensus can be tough.  Our clients bring us challenging projects that require invention and creativity.  To unlock solutions, we combine time-tested skills and techniques, such as highly illustrative drawings, with new technology like GIS and 3D computer modeling.  These techniques are highly interactive, dynamic, and visual; they encourage clear communication and meaningful consensus building.  When we recognize that every project is unique, we can garner broad support, move projects forward, and ultimately create beautiful, productive places to live. 


UDA Stories
Urban Design Elements for Cities in the MENA Region

Cities in North Africa, the Saudi Arabian peninsula, and the Levant face unique challenges from the tremendous heat and dusty winds of the surrounding desert and high humidity along coastal areas. These environmental forces along with social and cultural norms have resulted in unique cities created over the past several centuries. Built in the pre-industrial era, these old cities offer many lessons for designing dense urban districts that are environmentally responsive and sustainable. There are many fine examples of modern cities influenced by international planning techniques but adapted to the unique environmental challenges of the MENA region.

Better Housing Coalition

The Better Housing Coalition in Richmond is a Community Development Corporation dedicated to strategic investments in urban neighborhoods that are under-performing. This remarkable non-profit organization focuses on improving the quality of environment and access to services for residents and businesses in the context of neighborhood-generated visions and aspirations.