Transforming a residential housing market from building ‘product' to place

Utah was missing diverse products for its housing market, and the base of the majestic Oquirrh Mountains became the perfect site to change all that. Here, Daybreak was born – a 4,000+ acre, mixed-use, walkable community with a full range of services and amenities for its residents. UDA was brought in to create a shared placemaking vision for this new community, as well as a pattern book that would allow builders to implement the ambitious plan with both consistency and craft. With nearly 14,000 residences in 12 residential neighborhoods focused around a series of mixed-use village centers, the heart of Daybreak is its Town Center, consisting of mixed-use, commercial, institutional, and residential uses clustered around three light-rail transit stops that connect to downtown Salt Lake City. UDA seized this unique opportunity to shape the Valley’s future in a manner that would minimize future negative growth impacts such as sprawl, water use, and congestion. Furthermore, sustainable environmental design strategies employed throughout Daybreak complement its nature as a mixed-use community with employment, residential, recreational, and civic uses. In the end, UDA’s process, vision and pattern book enabled a vibrant community to be built where there was none before – a recession-proof place that became the nation’s 6th best-selling community and transformed the region’s residential homebuilding market.