Design Guidelines Go Digital

With the world’s first Digital Pattern Book,, the Chattanooga Design Studio sought to create a web-based tool to help builders, developers, city officials, and neighbors to understand the important aspects of Chattanooga’s historic neighborhoods and architecture, in order to maintain that character and quality while the city undergoes growth and change. 

Urban Design Associates with ndp Agency took the elements of a conventionally published Pattern Book – highly graphic content that distills complex architectural designs and construction techniques into simple ways to create beautiful neighborhoods – and brought design guidelines into the modern era.

With the Digital Pattern Book, we can now publish unlimited copies because it’s always available on your mobile device or laptop. It’s a living document, capable of being updated with new content, expanded into new chapters or topics, and adapted to the changing needs of the community – all without the delay or expense of reprinting.

New dynamic interactions leading to deeper understanding are now possible, thanks to digital graphic techniques such as animation, transitions, and video that are not possible in print form. Plus, the Digital Pattern Book is now connected to helpful resources like manufacturer and product websites as well as downloadable house plans and plant lists you can easily take to your design professional or local garden center.

See UDA’s first Digital Pattern Book at

Lori Sipes